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 Making It Happen For You

You can have more out of life than what you may realize. Life need not be a continual pursuit after that something which is missing but you cannot quite put your finger on it. Life need not be an aimless existence where there is really no point to doing anything other than satisfying our basic senses and bodily desires.

Life is about relationships. However to get the most out of relationships and life, you need to have an understanding of yourself. Once you understand yourself, you will be able to make the appropriate decisions that will lead you to finding the happiness that people crave but which always seems to elude them.

There are a number of different views on personality.

Generally speaking, there are varying views attributing different types of classifications in which human nature and personality belong. Some views consider humans to have more traits than others. Overall, the varying systems seem to reflect certain prejudices and interpretations of the experiences of those who have developed formal classifications of human nature and behavior. Often these views of human nature and personality are very similar except they are couched in different terminology.

What we can do is take a number of systems and combine these to provide a more comprehensive understanding of human nature and its development. Initially, it is best to keep things simple and as your understanding of yourself increases, you will also understand more about the other systems used to describe the development of human nature and how you have become to be who you are.

The more you understand yourself, the more you will be successful in relationships, and as a consequence of this, the more success you will have in life.

As an overview, it is often helpful to consider yourself as a wheel with five spokes. These five spokes represent the five aspects of your life which you have an underlying need to optimize for success. We can name each spoke as 

          1) Spiritual
          2) Psychological
          3) Social
          4) Physical
          5) Material.

These divisions are the areas of our life that we all need to address. Whether we like it or not, we are spiritual beings who develop psychologically with social needs. We also have basic physical needs and material requirements that have to be met.

Maslow has identified that we have concerns for the following needs: physical, safety, social, self esteem and self actualization. These correlate the five aspects we have identified as material, physical, social, psychological and spiritual.

Maslow argues that we need physical needs before we need safety needs and his argument has merit, except that it needs to remembered that if a person is not safe, then meeting physical needs accounts for nothing. Nonetheless, consideration of Maslow's classification is worthwhile and will help you understand yourself.

Most of our problems that we encounter in our lives have their roots in our upbringing; that is, the development of our self-concept. Personality types are often split into four, which the ancient Greeks identified as choleric, melancholic, phlegmatic and sanguine. These four types provide a framework for people to gain an understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, but they are limited. Another group of eight classifications, which has proved highly effective in marital situations, has been identified as pathogenic attitudes that developed in response to environmental treatment by parents and significant others when a child.

Child birth order plays a significant role in how our self-concept is shaped and our perception of the world around us is formed. So, too, does the various stages of growth that have to do with our awareness of our environment and how we are more likely to construct our view of the world around us. This process of development goes through the stages of developing trust, autonomy, initiative. industry and identity and can be aligned with infancy, early childhood, play age, school age and adolescence.

This may sound complicated. But consider a tree. It has fruit, flowers, leaves, bark, twigs, branches, boughs, a trunk, roots. It also has utilizes a process known as photosynthesis and converts minerals into vitamins, phytonutrients, carbohydrates, proteins and produces growth rings and sap. Nonetheless, we can simply understand that a tree is a tree. Yet it is not too difficult to learn how a tree grows and what environments suit different trees best. In this respect, there is little difference between trees and us. The environment into which we are born, and in which we grow up, plays a significant role in our personal development. The difference between trees and us is that we can rectify past psychological maladjustment and unblock emotion blockages that prevent us from succeeding in life.

You will find that the more you understand yourself and what it was that happened in your past, the more you will be able to move forward and enjoy success and the happiness of being.


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